Spreading Our Culture


CRS Music & Media Ltd was established in 1992. It is Barbados’s leading music company with over 120 active albums in its catalogue and over 3,000 original songs in its publishing division. It creates master recordings and administers local copyrights. Its catalogue reflects the diversity of our local culture – soca, calypso, steel pan, reggae, gospel to name a few, and an extensive Christmas catalogue of local recordings. CRS distributes its music both physically and digitally – with VP Records in the USA and Nova Sales and Marketing in the UK taking care of international physical sales and over 75 digital providers including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, RDIO, through our aggregators – NY based “the Orchard” and Montreal based “Believe Music”.


CRS not only distributes its own catalogue but distributes other local artists including the likes of The Merry Men, Lil Rick, Debbie Reifer, and Reddhead Records. CRS now administers almost 5,000 local songs. CRS also manufactures compact discs here in Barbados with full in house production services.


CRS has just been awarded “Album of the Year” at the 2015 Barbados Music Awards for its release “Caribbean Hott Party Volume 5” – its current album for Crop Over 2014.